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Transform your body, mind, and spirit with our wholistic approach to wellness, self love, and happiness. This is not just a fitness studio, this is a community and lifestyle of high vibin' goodness! I'm talking toned and happy! No more bloating, no more pain, no more headaches, no more fatigue, WAY less stress, and a whole lot of joy!  Soulistic Freedom awaits ;-)  

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We have a plethora of fun in store for you. Whether you are looking to hit the barre, find your flow on the yoga mat, or move through your body in one of our other fusion style classes you are sure to find something that sparks the magic. Learn more about what we offer here!  

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The only certification program dedicated to small groups, personalized instruction, and helping you design your own unique style. By the end of our barre and yoga teacher trainings you will have all of the tools you'll need to be a polished instructor with a stellar community of empowering women supporting you on your journey!

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a full emersion in radical self love ...

Meditation, yoga, soul food, the art of touch, tons of fresh fruit,
self love practices, manifestation,
beach therapy, traditional ceremonies of healing,
and a steady unraveling of all that stifles the soul <3  


What People Are Saying:

Such a clean studio, intimate setting, and phenomenal friendly staff! A studio that births inspiration for personal growth!
— Heather M.
I love barre with Danielle! Such a great workout and always a good time. It’s fun and energetic. There’s such a great vibe at Yoga Barre that I always feel motivated. It doesn’t even feel like a workout!
— Tara P.
Yoga Barre is AMAZING!! Instructors are great, and the Barre workout is the best. I have been doing it for 2 months and the results I see in my body are amazing. LOVE YOGA BARRE!!! Highly recommend!!!
— Sarah W.